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  • January 2007 Newsletter

    Posted on January 20th, 2007 Michael Drummond No comments

    Hard Drives not Forever

    We have had quite a few customers come to us recently with problems with their hard drive.  Many people think it’s ok to have to reboot their computer several times before it starts up, but this is a symptom of major problems.

    Most people think that when they’ve saved all their information, including precious digital photos, onto their hard drive, that it will be accessible forever, but the very sad truth is that this is far from the case.  Like any other piece of electrical equipment, hard drives fail, and it is heart breaking for us to have to tell you that all those years of memories, or vital tax documents, or the novel that you’ve been tinkering away at for years, is completely gone.

    The biggest tip I can give you right now, is ALWAYS back up all your important files.  The likelihood of everything breaking down is slim, but the other option is total loss of the important files and images, or paying from $500 to over $2000 for hard drive recovery experts to attempt to retrieve them.

    There are many different ways to back up your files, but the easiest by far is an external back up drive.

    Newsletter Offer

    It is time to set up an automatic back up system for your important files and images. Until the end of February, have MR LCD install an external hard drive and set up an automatic back up for the all inclusive price of $220.*

    *Conditions apply.  Minimum operating system Windows XP.  Standard set up will take 1/2 hour.  If other problems arise on your computer that prevent the installation of the back up file, these will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

    Best Cafe on the Coast

    Need a relaxing break after the stress of the Christmas period?  Want a nice place to have a coffee with friends, or a meeting with business associates? Head to Copacabana to, in my opinion, the best cafe on the coast.  Great food, overlooking Copacabana beach, Cafe Sirocco is my favourite place for a lunch meeting, Sunday breakfast with the kids, or listening to live local acts over a delicious dinner.  Visit their website for more information


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