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  • November 2007 Newsletter

    Posted on November 7th, 2007 Michael Drummond No comments

    How to reduce SPAM

    Thank you to those of you who responded to my survey about the subjects of future emails.  It seems that the topic on most people’s minds is how to reduce SPAM!

    Unfortunately there is no simple way to reduce the amount of SPAM you already get, short of cancelling your current email address and starting again, but I can hopefully give you some ideas to stop you getting much more.

    One way that these people get your email address is that you have signed up for something, such as a free offer, and the company you signed up with has sold your email address.  The simplest way to not have this happen is to not sign up for anything, but where’s the fun in that??  My solution for this is to set up a hotmail address (or gmail or google, or something similar) to use if you are asked to enter your email address and you are not sure that it will only be used by them, and that you only check when you feel like wading through spam to get things you actually signed up for.  The trick with the free email sites is to make your user name something that would not be randomly generated such as lauradrumm0nd (with a number instead of a letter), so that hopefully you will only get the spam that you signed up for.

    A lot of spam is just sent by a computer program that randomly generates email addresses and bulk sends.  This is why you would notice if you have a couple of email addresses (such as and that you seem to get the same message a few times. The best thing to do with these emails is to delete them without opening them (make sure that the preview window is turned off also, as this opens the message).  There are programs that these email senders can use to see if the email has been opened, which proves that the email address exists.  They then flag that email as an actual email and send more spam, or on-sell the address to many other spammers.

    The worst possible thing you can do in these emails is to follow their unsubscribe procedure!  If you know you didn’t subscribe and that you didn’t give your email address to them in any way, then this will only prove to them that your email address exists.

    So hopefully, following these few tips, you should be able to reduce the amount of spam that you receive.

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