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  • September 2008 Newsletter

    Posted on September 24th, 2008 Michael Drummond No comments

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring has sprung, so it’s time to spring clean, and even your computer can benefit!!

    Firstly- check that your virus and spyware protection programs are up to date.  New viruses are written daily, so an antivirus or spyware program that is only one month out of date can miss many of the new viruses or spyware.  For spyware, there is no need to spend money on this, as Microsoft provide an excellent free one called Windows Defender.  For the latest version go to Windows Defender.  For antivirus, we use and recommend CA antivirus.  Make sure if purchasing that you buy only the anti-virus, not the complete security suite, as you will be paying for elements that aren’t needed and will slow your computer.  Go to our links page CA Antivirus.

    Secondly- uninstall games and programs that are no longer used.  Make sure that you uninstall them instead of just deleting.  Many of these programs imbed information into your computer that isn’t removed when you simply delete.  Be careful what you start uninstalling though, as something you don’t recognise could be a vital program for the running of your computer, and uninstalling it could make things stop working.  If you are unsure, make a quick call to MR LCD and we can usually tell you if it sounds like a system component.  If there are programs that you have deleted in the past and not uninstalled, they could be one reason why your computer could be running slowly.  As removing this involves going into parts of your computer that can seriously affect the running of your system, I suggest getting MR LCD to come and clean it up instead of potentially damaging your operating system.

    Thirdly- Get your computer off the carpet.  So much dust ends up inside your computer as it is, but sitting directly on the carpet can increase this, and also increase the likelihood of overheating.  If there is nowhere else for your computer than on the floor, place it on a plank of wood or something to raise it up slightly and allow the air to flow around it. The best possible thing is to have 10cm between the base of the tower and the floor.

    Newsletter Offer

    Sick of having cables running through your house so everyone’s computer can use the internet?  Like to be able to sit out in the yard in this glorious sunshine instead of being stuck inside near a phone line?  You need to configure your home with wireless.  Until 31st October, you can have MR LCD supply, install and configure a wireless ADSL modem/router and USB Wireless adapter in your home for $198.  This includes modem/router (RRP $99), wireless adapter (RRP $55) and one hour onsite setup.  ($165 For router and setup without wireless adapter)

    New Banking Details

    We have changed Banks, we decided it was time for some happy banking! Can you please update your internet banking to our new bank details:

    Account Name is still MR LCD
    BSB 302975
    Account 0005029

    We will keep our old account temporarily while we make the transition, but please update as soon as possible to make sure payments don’t go missing!

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