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  • January 2009 Newsletter

    Posted on January 19th, 2009 Michael Drummond No comments

    Welcome to 2009

    Well here we are, 2009 already, and time to really get stuck into work.  Michael and I have had a great time over the school holidays hanging out with the kids, with the highlight being both of us getting our boat licences, and buying a very small and cheap run-about (you have to start somewhere!)

    I hope over this year to bring you a helpful and informative newsletter once a month, filled with things to make your time on the computer as easy and painless as possible, to give you more time to spend doing the things you love!

    How to get the best from your computer guy

    There are many things that you can do *before* your computer guy comes to make sure that everything runs as smoothly (and quickly) as possible

    1. Write Down Error Messages EXACTLY – This is a really important habit to get into.  It’s probably worth going to one of the back to school sales and buying a 2c exercise book to sit next to your computer.  When an error message pops up write down the date and time, and the exact message.  Often this message will only appear rarely, but if it starts to come up more often, you will need to let your computer guy know.  With it all documented in a book, you will be able to tell your computer guy how long the problem has been going on, and with the exact wording they will be able to find the solution much quicker and easier.  Make sure that you write down the entire message, as there can be messages which are worded similarly, but are actually very different problems.
    2. Make a list of what you want looked at – Just the same as going to a doctor, you are quite likely to forget what you wanted looked at when your computer guy arrives.  If you write a list, then you can give it to them, and they can look at the list and put all the pieces together for a full diagnosis.  Often what you think may be the main problem can just be a symptom of a larger issue, and without all the information  it may be missed (eg. Telling the doctor that you have indigestion and forgetting to say that you have chest pains occasionally too)
    3. Don’t wait until your computer completely dies – Too often we find that people ignore error messages for many weeks or even months, and it’s not until the computer won’t start that they call us out.  This is not the most cost effective solution, and can often lead to losing all of your information that you had saved on your computer, and many hours of repair time.  If you start to think that something may be playing up on your computer, that is the time to call, and your computer guy may be able to give you a simple solution over the phone, or simply come out for a short visit.  It is also worth considering regular maintenance for your computer.  Just as you send your car to the mechanic regularly, regular check ups for your computer can help to ensure the healthy running of your system.
    4. Back Up, Back Up, Back Up – I cannot stress this enough.  If you have valuable files on your computer, such as business documents, your baby’s first smile, or great-grandma’s last family photo, you really need to back them up.  The simplest and easiest way to do this is with an external drive, that you can back up to every time you finish working on your computer.  This will ensure that if some freak accident occurs, you should still be able to recover all those important files.  It is also probably worth considering keeping two back ups, one you keep onsite in case anything goes wrong, and one (such as a CD) with the truly irreplaceable files that you keep at your parent’s house or a trusted friend just in case something dreadful such as fire or flood strikes.

    If you follow these few steps, your computer guy will be able to do the work that your computer needs in as little time as possible.

    Newsletter Offer

    It is time to set up an automatic back up system for your important files and images. Until the end of February, have MR LCD install an external hard drive and set up an automatic back up for the all inclusive price of $242.*

    *Conditions apply.  Minimum operating system Windows XP.  Standard set up will take 1/2 hour.  If other problems arise on your computer that prevent the installation of the back up file, these will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

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