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  • July 2011 Newsletter

    Posted on July 19th, 2011 Michael Drummond No comments

    Personal Update

    It’s been a long time between emails, and for that I apologise.  For those of you who have been long term customers of MR LCD, you may know that I have been suffering with constant pain for many years, which had escalated to becoming unbearable over the last two years.  The great news is that thanks to a fantastic surgeon who decided to look past the reports and actually look at my physical symptoms, I have had the nerves released in both of my elbows and wrists, which has resulted in almost total relief from pain.  This has been a great relief to Michael and I, as well as our family.  We are hoping that this relief is permanent, and that I will be able to be more active with training and other MR LCD duties.


    Shortcut Keys


    In Microsoft Word and Excel and other such programs, there are a lot of shortcut keys that can help to make things quicker and easier than trying to navigate tricky menu options.
    A lot of them are things you just won’t ever use, and are aimed at more specific users, but there are quite a few that are helpful to everyone.

    Shortcut Keys are usually a combination of keyboard keys that you press simultaneously.  Most often, the Control key (usually bottom left of your keyboard, Ctrl) is used with another key

    Here is a list of my most used shortcut Keys

    Ctrl S – Saves the document to the last saved location.  If this is the first save, it will open the “Save As” dialog box.

    Ctrl P – Opens the “Print” dialog box for printing & preview options

    Ctrl C – If you select text, either by mouse dragging, or by pressing shift & then the arrow keys, this will Copy your selected text and place it on the “Clipboard” ready for you to paste where you want it

    Ctrl X – Same as Copy, except it Cuts or removes the selected text

    Ctrl V – This then pastes in the text that was cut or copied

    Ctrl A – This will select all the text in the document

    For a more comprehensive list of Shortcut Keys, please visit



    There is a new type of infection affecting computers at the moment. It is being called scare-ware. As the name suggests, the infection gives you a warning telling you that something very serious has happened to your computer. Telling you that if you just click on the link that the infection will be removed.

    Usually the further down the links that they tell you to go the harder it is to remove the infection.

    If you find that you have been infected with a scare-ware infection. Call MR LCD before you do anything else. It may be able to be removed with ease.



    MR LCD has been trialling a new anti-virus protection. It’s from Microsoft and is called Microsoft Security Essentials.

    MR LCD is now recommending this program, it has stood up to the test of being very good at removing infections, easy to use, and very small resource usage. It will update with Windows updates and will scan behind the scenes. It is a free download from Microsoft:

    MR LCD has used this program to remove many infections that other antivirus programs have not been able to remove.

    It is only available to users of Genuine Windows operating systems.

    If you need help changing over to Microsoft Security Essentials call MR LCD to arrange an appointment.