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  • August 2011 Price Restructure and Facebook

    Posted on August 24th, 2011 Michael Drummond No comments

    Price Restructure

    As of today’s date, 24th August 2011, MR LCD will be changing the way that we charge for services.
    Our first half hour will still be $77. From then on, we will be charging in   half hour lots, at $55 per half hour.


    So you know Facebook exists, but when you try to   visit  all you find is a sign up page and very little information. The biggest   advice I can give to anyone dipping their toes into the ocean of Facebook is   *have a go*. Just play around, there’s little to nothing that can go   seriously wrong, and you will find that you learn so much as you go!There are so many things you can do on Facebook,   and it seems that every individual uses it completely differently. I love to   play the games on there, and to read what other people have put as their   “status updates”, which help to give a 140 character snap shot into   their lives. I have also found over the past little while, that putting my   updates as to my surgeries and pain relief has helped to let many people know   in one go how I am and what’s going on. This has led to great conversations   the next time I see them in person, and has helped us to feel that it hasn’t   been weeks or months since we last caught up, instead only as long since   their last update. I also find it such an easy way to share my photos with   the people I love, but I have made very sure to set up my privacy settings so   that I can limit who sees the photos, especially of my kids!

    Facebook is also becoming used more often as a   way for various companies to communicate with their consumers. You visit the   page and select Like (next to the name) and then any information from that   page will be shown in your news feed
    Dominos Australia use their Facebook page (visit here) to let you know about new pizzas and   deals, but also to listen to their customers feedback.
    Local Photographer Lisa Lent uses her Facebook page (visit here) to also let her customers know about   specials, but to showcase her latest work, providing an easy way for people   to share on Facebook their photos from their wedding or other photo shoot.
    TV Shows like Glee also have their own Facebook page (visit here)   to keep their fans up to date with the latest news about the show and its’   stars, and often send information through this medium that is only available   to people through Facebook

    MR LCD also has a Facebook page (visit here) which at the moment is looking very bare,   but will be filled with hopefully useful information in the weeks and months   ahead! Please come and visit our page and Like us on Facebook!